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Biographical Statement

Seattle artist Carletta Carrington Wilson fuses literary and visual works around a central iconic theme.  Textiles, text, found objects, beads and paper enhance, highlight, infer and interrogate an image and the ideas it presents and portrays.  A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wilson's multi-media collages have been exhibited at the Columbia City Gallery, the Northwest African American Museum's
Cafe Gallery, Portland's Gallerie Rene, Festival Sundiata and the Coalition Art Gallery.  Her work can be found in the collection of Seattle's Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas.

Artist Statement
My fingers move across silk, wool, gabardine, mohair, brocade, chiffon, crepe, seersucker,cotton.  Sometimes the cloth is solid, an occasional stripe, but mostly, and foremost, floral.  Early on, cloth was thrust into my hands from some frayed remnant or cleanly cut from an
unfurled bolt.  I have lived examining and admiring the sheen and mat of it, the surface haired, raised, ridged, smooth, embossed or wrinkled.  Cotton, however, like an old gnarled hand, helda world in tis grasp, a cloudy, seedy world.  It is this world that I explore through image and

My work attempts to speak of cloth and its constellations. From the manner of and meaningimbued in fabric to the mysterious length of a line, cloth reminds me of artifice and mimicry,of mischief such as that found bound up inside of skin.