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Artist Bio

His captivation of an indiscriminate blend of artists from Ai Wei Wei to Deiter Rams is not the limit of the inspiration of his paintings. Marcus Leslie Singleton who is passionate and perceptive, yet dauntless, engages a range of subjects such as design, literature, nature in his artistry.

He first picked up a paintbrush in his sophomore year in high school, an interest that would evolve into an indispensable passion. Later on, he attended The Seattle Art Institute for Design of Textiles. For Marcus, art school inhibited his ideas. This lion-hearted move led him to a path of freedom. He went to further light on oil painting, a channel he was enamored with as he could express his being into visual form.  

In his brilliant creative dimension of putting all his concepts on canvas, the canvas is the universe, and he is the creator. He starts a painting by one stroke of paint, a moment whereby his ideas form and evolve. He describes that, “It is sometimes hard to explain something that is amazing, and it is even harder to describe something that no one has ever seen, something you imagined. When something is so wonderful that we cannot communicate them with language or music. We have to use art, because art is the highest form of communication”. 

Marcus is also conscious of his role as an artist in society and aims to use his creativity to touch different generations’ hearts. In this age of modernization, he feels that there is more to one’s being that need to be explored and nurtured that involves the removal from the controlled media state. He concludes, “It is amazing how many people spend the majority of the day on social networks or playing video games. If we turned this around and had more people being creatively innovative I think we can make a change for the better within a few years.”